I have had the privilege of taking photographs (or ‘making images’ if you prefer) for over 2/3 of my life and I am no longer a young man, so that is a lot of years. As the years go by we all change, and I have certainly done so. Late in 2014 it seemed appropriate for me to update this website so as to reflect some of the changes that have occurred. For one thing, I am now a painter as well as a photographer, although modesty forbids me from tooting my own horn about my works on canvas. Also, don’t expect to see any of my paintings on this site because it might send out a mixed message to the photographic purists out there. Instead go to Saatchi Art (www.saatchiart.com/Paulrose) and in the search box type in “Paul Rose” and then in the adjacent box click on “Artist”. With luck, my name, my cool looking sun-glassed avatar and my portfolio of work (both photographic and painterly) will be displayed. Now back to this site.

I would be comfortable calling myself a landscape photographer even though I photograph all types of subjects. I have spent many years photographing our spectacular planet in both color and black and white. I have used film (and occasionally still do, especially for black and white work) but now I primarily use digital capture. The type of cameras and lenses I use are hardly relevant since they will change as new and better iterations become available and this also goes for computer hardware and software. Like many photographers, I am all about the final image and I no longer care how I obtain it. While I rarely make drastic changes to my landscapes – they hardly need them, there is a conceptual side to my work that causes me to produce strongly derivative imagery that is more abstract in nature. With that in mind, I have added a ‘Before and After’ gallery to give an idea of how an image starts out and how it ends up. I hope this will go some way towards explaining my methodology for those many people who have asked me if I “cheat or use Photoshop” in my work. To cut a long and highly involved discussion short, my answers are that I most certainly do not ‘cheat’ and I certainly do use Photoshop (and other software programs) and you can read more about my working methods in the ‘Before and After’ gallery. I am both amused and irritated by the erroneous idea that a photograph should be unchanged from what is captured by the camera. Ansel Adams didn’t work that way so why should I? I digress.

Now that I am older and retired I have found that my working style has evolved. I travel quite a lot and I photograph when I travel. At the end of each trip Carol and I (or just me) return to our two cats and our comfortable home near Denver, Colorado. I then download the digital images to my hard drive (or process the film), burn the original RAW files to CD, convert the RAW files to DNG format, process the DNG files and burn the finalized PSD file images to another set of CD’s. That’s a lot of acronyms to get ones head around! During this process I post the better images to Facebook so that my friends can keep up with what I am working on. When all that is done I paint until such time as I go off traveling again. It’s a hard life but someone has to do it.

At some point I may even decide to (once again) show my work in galleries or enter juried shows but that is a discussion for another time and place. I may be long gone before it happens.