BW Silver Gelatin

Back in those halcyon days when one worked in a traditional darkroom I made my silver gelatin prints to order. It was a lot of work. These days (and to my knowledge) there are very few darkrooms left standing in the Denver area and so I now rarely print this way. I am sad about it and vow that one day I will immerse myself in some of the beautiful 'alternative' processes that are available. I have studied platinum printing and some derivatives of that process with no less a luminary than Dan Burkholder and also wet plate collodion with the very talented Quinn Jacobson here in Denver. It seems a shame to let those experiences go to waste. In this gallery I present some of the many images I used to make in the darkroom. I still have a number of un-editioned prints and now offer them all at a standard price of $400 with appropriate mounting and matting. If I am required to make new prints in the darkroom I charge $500 each for any size on 11" x 14" or smaller paper. If you require a slightly larger print please ask me to quote you a price.