Anguish #1
Anguish #1
How to define the Concepts Gallery? Concepts are images or groups of images that represent ideas. They may form the jumping off points for new directions in which to take my work. Sometimes they are just ways to more fully explore a single subject my taking several photographs of it. Included here are a few images from each of the ‘Balance of Nature’, ‘Dark Man’, ‘Duplications’, ‘Light Cube’, and ‘Polyptychs’ portfolios as well as other selected images.

Anguish #1 – A few years ago, while photographing ocean waves in Scotland, my treasured medium format camera got a dowsing and has never worked since. I managed to save the roll of black and white film that was in the camera although processing revealed that it had been severely affected by saltwater. Nonetheless, I liked to resulting ‘grungy’ negatives and now use them as a background for sandwich printing anguished faces. The anguish reflects the way I felt that sorry day. I hope to expand on this portfolio someday.

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